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Pay freelancer price, get company quality.

Build your brand, advertise online, increase customer numbers, grow your community and open to the digital world! We offer services in three main branches: graphic design, social media development and programming.

High quality services at the freelancer price range:


Graphic Design

ui and ux design

 UX/UI design 

brand identity and logo

 Logo & Brand Identity 

graphics and illustrations

 Illustrations & Graphics 

content creation

 Content Creation 

product packaging

 Product Packaging 

postcard, flyer and brochure

 Postcard, Flyer & Brochure 

catalog, menu and book cover

 Book Cover, Catalog & Menus 

posters and billboards

 Posters & Billboards 


informational website

 Informational Website 

ecommerce website

 eCommerce Website 

web application

 Web Application 

android apps

 Android Apps 

ios apps

 IOS Apps 

search engine optimization

 Search Engine Optimization 

google ads

 Google ADs 

Social Media

instagram management and growth

 Instagram Management & Growth 

facebook management and growth

 Facebook Management & Growth 

twitter management and growth

 Twitter Management & Growth 

tiktok management and growth

 Tiktok Management & Growth 

youtube optimization

 Youtube Optimization 

linkedin optimization

 Linkedin Optimization 

telegram community building

 Telegram Community Building 

discord community building

 Discord Community Building 

More about us and our partners:

Master Media is a digital solutions company composed of people with similar interests, goals, points of view but also with different knowledge in the field of marketing, programming and design.

Our greatest satisfaction is the satisfaction of our partners and clients. Whether it is a large company or a small startup, our approach is the same - together we create a better and more recognizable product, brand or service.




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